The more we can plan our budget, the more lives we can save. Pure and simple! 

We receive regular requests from generous donors who want to help be a part of HiCaliber's big picture, who want to help us be there for the exigent cases where fundraising isn't an option, and to create a cushion for emergency veterinary intervention. For all of you, we are now offering stall sponsorships! 

We are excited to announce two brand new sponsorship opportunities now available: Pipe Stall Sponsors for $250 per month and our Medical Barn Stall Sponsors for $500 per month. 

Every sponsor will be recognized with a custom plaque on the feeder or barn stall for the duration of sponsorship. Recognition signs may list the generous donor (person, family, club or company), or recognize the donations made in honor or memory of a loved one. Every sponsor will be invited to choose the location of their sponsored stall (based on availability). 

Stall plate recognition:
Name/entity to be honored

Did you just become a sponsor? THANK YOU! Please email the sponsorship team so that we can help you select the stall you would like to sponsor. 

**We often field requests to sponsor specific horses. Because we are such a high-volume, volunteer-run organization and our horses move in and out so quickly, we are not able to entertain sponsorships of individual horses. The tracking and communication required to manage such a fluctuating program is prohibitive and our integrity would be compromised if we inadvertently had someone sponsoring a horse that had been adopted or had to cross the Rainbow Bridge. However, we gratefully invite you to become a Pipe or Medical Stall Sponsor in honor or memory of any HiCaliber rescue (past or present) that has touched your heart. 


If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring HiCaliber Horse Rescue, we would love to speak with you! We will work with you to craft a benefits package appropriate to the level of your sponsorship. Benefits and recognition opportunities include (but are not limited to) event banners, signage at HiCaliber, Facebook recognition, website recognition, team-building opportunities and more!


Thank you to all of you who allow us to save lives via your generosity, shares, support and love!