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The following professionals all work closely with us on the care, rehabilitation of our rescues. We couldn't do this without their support and we trust our horses with none less than the best. Give them a call for your own equine needs and let them know that HiCaliber sent you!

Drs. Moss and Spini at Temecula Creek Equine

• Call 951-297-9891 or at

Drs. Grove and Heaton at West Coast Equine Medicine

• Call 760-723-3606 or at

Drs. Huggons, Potenza and Lindsay at San Luis Rey Equine Hospital

• Call 760-726-4566 or at

Luis Aguilar at LLL Horseshoeing

• Call (760) 305-3113

Dr. Dawn Fletcher at Medicine Hat Animal Chiropractic

• Call (760) 468-2333

Laurie Baker at Hands on Horses

• On Facebook at