Our Ranch


Welcome to our 16-acre slice of heaven! Nestled in the hills of Valley Center, CA, HiCaliber provides refuge to more than 100 rescues.

The property featues a covered barn with 8 stalls. The barn usually plays home to our horses who are being treated for various injuries or our more severe rehabilitation cases. Adjacent to the barn is our arena and just up the hill you'll find our roundpen, where most of our preliminary evaluating takes place. 

Just past the round pen and arena, are our training stalls which house horses that are receiving training in order to make them more suitable for adoption. With few exceptions, all HiCaliber rescues have a minimum of 30 days of training before being adopted. Our lower "Vineyard" area is where we have the new Price Arena, many quarantine stalls and a few larger pens that house pairs/small groups of horses.

Our goal is always to move horses into herds whenever possible. Often, the chance to "just be" is a critical component to their rehabilitation. We have two very large pastures North and South, as well as many smaller pastures including Rivers Run, Loft and Pyramid.

Yes, we have a nursery. Be jealous! Our nursery is where our babies, whether born to pregnant rescues or rescued as weanlings, get a chance to play and grow up a little.  

Our property includes multiple residences, allowing us to have our founder/executive director and other members of our crew who assist in the day-to-day support of our rescue herd. Residents pay rent to the rescue, which in turn allows the rescue to use the property rent-free. It's a win-win!