HiCaliber Horse Rescue is dedicated to the protection and rescue of abandoned and abused horses while emphasizing community education, encouraging compassion and supporting responsible owners.


HiCaliber Horse Rescue saves horses from extreme neglect, horses in jeopardy, and those who are in need of an immediate safe haven when a financial or health crisis strikes their human counterpart. We rescue from auction/slaughter, in partnership with local shelters, off of Craigslist postings, through owner surrenders and in partnership with other reputable rescue organizations.


Knowledge encourages responsible horse ownership. We are committed to educating the community on topics of compassionate care, horsemanship and training. We welcome debate and discussion on tough, often-avoided topics. Educational posts may be found on our Facebook page or on "MC's Memos," our founder's blog.


HiCaliber is commited to helping horses before they are in crisis. 

We hear it time and time again: "I've called every rescue, no one will help..." and eventually the horse goes hungry or lands at auction. As a rescue, we believe we have an obligation to owners and to our community to help before the horses are starving or facing the slaughter pipeline. 

There is a never-ending list of reasons a person may need to re-home their horse: the horse requires a higher level of skill than the owner has, behavioral or training issues, health or medical issues, changes in housing or financial crisis, and the list goes on. Horses suffer when they start getting tossed from home to home and can end up finding themselves at auction and facing slaughter. HiCaliber Horse Rescue offers a safe haven to the horse in need of a new forever home, and the owner who wants to do right by their horse but does not have the knowledge, skill or resources to properly re-home their horse without support.

Through our Re-homing Assistance Program, responsible owners surrender the care, custody and control of their horses to HiCaliber Horse Rescue. Upon arrival horses are evaluated to ensure they are physically sound and in good health (pain is often the root of many undesired behaviors) and over the course of the month their temperament and training is fully assessed. All horses that come through the Re-homing Assistance Program generally stay with HiCaliber a minimum of 30 days and often longer if needed. It is important that we allow the horses time to settle so that we can see their true personalities, as well as have time to test and train them on a variety of terrains and situations. In many cases, the horses will require training in order to better prepare them for their forever home.

We believe seeking help to re-home their horse is the responsible act for many owners, and that responsibility continues through the sponsorship of the board, farrier or necessary medical expenses until the new adoption is finalized, whenever possible.

If you are a horseowner facing the sad reality of needing to relinquish your horse, please email our relinquishment team