Welcome to HiCaliber Pay or as we like to call it... Free Money! 


We are thrilled to introduce a way you can get cash for you AND HICALIBER without robbing the bank. Introducing your new go-to shopping "app" that rewards you and your favorite charity (us!) every time you shop at hundreds of national retailers. Think of it as an Entertainment eBook on steroids. HiCaliber Pay subscribers have access to instant rebates from 2-15% from hundreds of national online and brick and mortar stores, restaurants, entertainment venues.

This program stands to revolutionize what we can do for the horses if we all use and share!


1. HiCaliber Pay is a brand new "app" that allows you to create instant gift cards at any amount.

2. Once you purchase the subscription, you are able to save the app to your homescreen. 

3. HiCaliber Pay then allows you to instantly create gift cards in the exact amount of purchases (online or in the store) that can be applied IMMEDIATELY. When you purchase the gift card, an instant rebate is immediately sent to you and you have the option to share  (0%-100%) of that rebate with HiCaliber! You're able to give from money you would have never seen anyways!

4. Shoppers then scan the gift card right from their smart phone (or can print out on paper) and make the purchase instantly. The time it takes to create the gift card is generally less time than it takes to read the chip of your new debit or credit cards. 


QUICK OVERVIEWWe all like a little tease! Watch this short video to get a quick feel of what HiCaliber Pay is all about! 

SIGN UP!: Get started shopping, saving and sharing!

Helpful Tutorial: In less than 9 minutes you'll revamp the way you shop, save money and help the horses by giving a portion of your free money to HiCaliber! 

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1. Immediate Donation: $10 of the $25 subscription price go right to HiCaliber!

2. Rebate Shares: Not only does a portion of the subscription purchase go directly to HiCaliber, but you have the opportunity to share your rebates with us too!

You set the percentage of the rebate you want to share (between 10% and 100%), you shop and then you make money and your favorite rescue -- that's us! -- takes home some cash too. This is money coming out of the retailers pockets, money you would have never seen without HiCaliber Pay! There's no losing here! With an average user splitting the rebate 50/50 with themselves and HiCaliber, think of all the little tiny streams trickling in to make a giant river.

One of our favorite things? You don't have to love horses to take advantage of this program! Your friends and families don't have to love horses to take advantage of this program! Share with everyone you know and they can benefit from the rebates too... and if you ask nicely, maybe they'll even set the share a fraction of their rebates to the horses you love.

Want to earn a little extra dough? Refer your friends and if they use the app and total $15 in rebates, you get $10 for referring them.