Featured Transformations

Featured are just a few of the horses we've taken from broken to beautiful. Their backgrounds span a thousand tragic tales: pregnant and dumped at auction with only kill buyers bidding and slaughter in her future; prize-winning race horses who gave their all, only to be left to starve; to family pets on the brink of death due to profound neglect. We aren't able to save them all, but to the ones we can... we give our all.

These are just a few of the amazing transformations that have happened thanks to YOU, the generous villiage that makes our rescue efforts possible. To support our efforts and the transformations taking place every day at HiCaliber, please visit our Donate page. Thank you!


It's unknown whether Warp was down to days or weeks to live before HiCaliber came on scene on Valentine's Day, 2015. Ironically, Warp hadn't known love in a very long time. She was emaciated and weak, a body score of 1 (out of 9) and a massive maggot-infested wound on her shoulder. As tragic as her exterior appearance, she bore the signs of a horse who was simply waiting to die. Warp was rescued along with 34 other horses, almost all in various stages of starvation and profoundly neglected. In her glory days, she was prize-winning race horse who won her people more than $200,000 on track. For more of her story, .


Solar came to HiCaliber in September 2013 after being turned into Riverside County Animal Services by his owner. Thanks to some caring individuals working together, he found his way to HiCaliber for rehab. Defeated and extremely underweight upon intake, this handome OTTB has come a long way. He's a very sweet boy who won the hearts of the HiCaliber crew. It's been found that Solar does not transition well to new locations and we decided to welcome him into our Ambassador program, living out his days with us. For more on Solar, visit his page


Bruce is the smallest member of the HiCaliber herd. HiCaliber's founder, Michelle Cochran, got her start in Pit Bull rescue. When Bruce's abused and battered mug made it's way around Facebook hours before he was set to be euthanized, we knew we had to act! We went back to our roots to rescue this sweet boy. Bruce was far worse off than his initial picture even let on. He shows all the signs of having been a fighting bait dog, has Horner's syndrome, two broken legs, a heart murmur, conjunctivitis in both eyes and was anemic. Since rescue he has also been dianosed with irritable bowel disease and right-side heart failure. He has an entire team of specialists helping to get him as well as possible and is generally doing as well as we could hope for given his situation. Despite all of this, he is the most precious, gentle and forgiving dog. A true testament to the amazing, forgiving nature of pit bulls. To follow Bruce, visit his Facebook page


Granny Wrinkles is one of HiCaliber's most high-profile rescues ever. She was pulled along with three draft horses from a severe neglect case. Granny was emaciated, severely anemic and flies were eating at the raw flesh on her legs. Upon arrival to HiCaliber she lied down and nearly died. At the very last moment, Granny summoned every ounce of strength she had to stand up and made it known she was a fighter. She progressed consistently, and instantly became a fan favorite with her goofy all-up-in-your business personality and brays for attention, grain or whatever else she wanted. She was adopted by dear friends at Horse Power Ranch and now has her own Facebook page: Granny Wrinkles and Friends. 


From a prize-winning race horse who, like Warp, had earnings exceeding $200,000, Farley Star was relegated to standing among a sea of starving horses and wondering when her next meal would come. Rescued by HiCaliber in February 2015, she quickly began putting on weight and endeared herself to the crew and volunteers. Four months later and she has thrived with her time in the herd and plenty of food. She has started her training and will be looking for her forever family soon. For more on Farley, visit her page