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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Arabian Cross 

Height: 15.2

Ghost's Story

Ghost was surrendered to HiCaliber on June 1, 2017.

Ghost is a green bean who would be the perfect prospect for someone that wants to start from the ground up!  She's a gorgeous, floating, an almost ethereal looking mare with a lovely (albeit slightly damaged) spirit. This beautiful girl requires an experienced handler due to some mistreatment in her past. She is a project pony but has tremendous potential for the right person.

Ghost is very sweet, but she has not had an easy time of it. She was not treated kindly by her previous owners and she is reactive (in a fearful manner- flight, not fight) to anything she thinks will beat the crap out of her (hand, lead rope, whip, etc). She flinches and startles at fast movements, and is ear and head shy. We have not been able to accurately check her teeth for age. But the GOOD news is that while Ghost is still fearful, she has made tremendous progress with her handling at the ranch. Our Volunteers and Riding Team have been making a point to spend a few minutes with her every day, talking to her and trying to teach her that not all humans are bad.

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