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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 15.2

Age: 10
Driver (JC Dream Driver)'s Story

Dream Driver came to HiCaliber as part of a large-scale neglect case when Fallen Horses "Rescue" abandoned their herd and left them to starve.

Update from Driver's Trainer, Maloree Hanks with MMM Equestrian (09/22/16):

Do you remember that super hot guy that was like a total loyal clinger? The kind that was attached to you 24/7 with eyes only for you? Yeah, me either, but I found one and he is legit!

Dream Driver is a stunning 15.2 hand, Bay, TB Gelding that is 8 years old. Dream Driver is beyond sexy and he really wants to stay in your pocket, like all the time.  If you are looking for a project horse he is your guy. Such a sweet guy with a heart of gold for his person.

He was never properly started as a baby and is moving along with his ground training. Dream Driver really wants to please but can be a bit spooky. He has been learning to be saddled and ground drive as well as how to be an all around good citizen on the ground. He is not quite ready to be ridden yet but is getting close.

He really needs a person of his own to take things slow with him and show him that life is fun, not scary. We have done a little under saddle work with him but he is just not quite ready. Which is ok, he is talking and I am listening. If you are looking for a horse to grow with and train into your very own he just may be your guy.