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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 17

Age: 13
Don (JC Margeds DonQuixote)'s Story

Don came to HiCaliber as part of a large-scale neglect case when Fallen Horses "Rescue" abandoned their herd and left them to starve.

If a leggy, handsome, gangly-ish, "love me?," so-big-he's-awkward, accident prone, "did I do that?," doesn't realize he's 17hh, SQUIRREL!, looks best in bubble wrap , formerly starved thoroughbred is your kinda guy - you should come meet Don.

Don has trained at HiCaliber and outside with 2 other trainers. This guy just does not like a saddle. He has seen the Vet and Chiro, but just has an aversion to the saddle.  So, no saddle for him. This guy is sweet, loving and just wants to retire and be adored.