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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Quarter horse  

Height: 14.2

Age: 4
Sunday 's Story

Sunday was rescued from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased her from the kill buyers lot May 15, 2017.

'Because it's easy, yeahhhhh, easy like Sunday morning'... well maybe not *quite* that easy with this girl. But with some time, patience, love, and work, our girl Sunday may become as laid back as the mellowest lazy Sunday morning.

Are you looking for your Black Beauty? Because here she is! This girl is a young, clean slate. She has very little handling but has put on lots of pounds, and now sports a gorgeous healthy coat. Sunday needs someone who can spend time with her daily, gaining her trust. She's a stunning girl and is going to flourish with the right training.

'She was wild when she got here, but has definitely made progress. Sunday has a super kind eye and really does want to be friendly, but she's very fearful. We set up a corner "chute" in her pen and that's how we spent a lot of time loving on her and she settled out." -Sunday's trainer

Our girl Sunday has a good mind, and really wants to trust you, but has a few walls she's put up to keep herself safe. She is estimated to be 2-4 years old, unsure of her breed, and is looking for the perfect project home.

Are you the one to take on this girl and show her some easy lovin'? Do you have the patience and experience to earn her trust and love? Could you be this pretty lady's person? Want to one day share a Sunday morning with our girl Sunday?