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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Quarter Horse 

Height: 15

Age: 8
Carter's Story

Carter was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased him from Ontario Auction on May 30, 2017

Update:  July 4, 2017 

Carter is the bomb proof horse whose been there done that!  He participated in the Rancho Bernard Forth of July Parade. Even with all the commotion, He literally fell asleep standing at the trailer. While at the parade he stood quietly while waiting for his turn to go.  The drums were warming up right behind him and never phased him except for him looking. Cars and scooters passed him without any issues.  As you can imagine, people were clapping and making all kinds of noise. Carter was unphased when children came up to pet him and take selfies.  A  lady walked right up to him and grabbing his halter - that's right, unphased.  We had one quick spook when another horse jumped next to him, but he quickly settled back down.

Update:  June 4, 2017

Carter is doing fantastic!  He's dead broke and has had some training and time put into him.  A great candidate for a confident advanced beginner or intermediate rider.  He was just a bit cinchy, fine if you go slow.  He lunges with ease and stood perfectly still at the block for mounting.  He moves off the leg and is super responsive to voice cues and to the rope halter.  He may occasionally test his boundaries but responds when he realizes you are the boss.  Carter is an overall awesome horse.

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