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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Quarterhorse (AQHA Registered) 

Age: 16
Willie (AQHA Will He Go Slow)'s Story

Willie is a former feedlot horse. He was initially rescued by a wonderful woman who tried hard to figure him out. They just couldn't find their rhythm so she reached out to us for help. She sponsored his care while we worked on his forward, jiggy anxiety. He clearly came with some deep issues from his past. UPDATE: After a few months of training here at HiCaliber, we felt someone tried to incorrectly put reining cues on him at some point. It caused him to constantly overthink the most simple requests and focus on the next step instead of the moment. We worked with Willie on the trail in hopes he'd refocus his efforts to relaxing out in the open without always needing to perform. He was an amazing trail horse but with new riders, he just couldn't let go of the baggage he came with. Someone really screwed with his head. Willie was then sent to a gentle reining trainer up at the LA equestrian center. Our hope was to overwrite the harsh training and give him a smaller window of expectations with reining, done the right way. He had lots of fans at the LAEC, several people come try him, lots of applications but no solid connections. He made incredible improvements and then returned home to HiCaliber. After his training, Willy returned to HiCaliber where he finally found the perfect adopter!