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Height: 14.1

Age: 18
Daphne's Story

Daphne was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on April 18, 2017.

Daphne arrived from auction with a puncture wound in her tummy. Once she finally healed, we did her teeth and removed cancer from her labia. She's all fixed up aside from ringbone and arthritis that is almost fused (that's a good thing). Daphne can't have any alfalfa due to previous founder issues that have since resolved.  She is not riding sound for trail or an adult but doesn't mind a small kid farting around on her for a short while.

Daphne is a girls girl with the kindest personality!  She loves to hang out with little girls that visit HiCaliber. She'll let them fawn all over her while they brush her and braid her beautiful mane. Daphne loves treats and a scratches and walks around the property while receiving endless compliments.  

Looking for your little girls mellow BFF? Look no further!

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