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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Quarter Horse 

Height: 14.1

Age: 19
Dragon's Story

Dragon was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased him from Ontario Auction on April 4, 2017.

Dragon loves the beach! He's making progress with mounting and this time was a perfect gentleman. He was a little head strong and wants to be out front. Nothing a confident rider can't handle. Took a little convincing to go into the water but once in he really enjoyed it and went back in several times without an issue. He apparently doesn't like sand castles and spooked at one and then shied away from others but not bad and with a little coaxing, he walked right through. He's such a love and enjoys his head and eyes rubbed.

Parade ready horse is an understatement for this guy. Again no issues with tack and fly spray. Mounting is going to take a little work. I think with time and consistency this habit will go away. While on he let me adjust my stirrups, I moved all over in the saddle including leaning on his neck and leaning on his butt. He didn't care what I did, just stood there. Nothing on the streets appeared to bother him. He walked sideways a little when we passed the drain gutters, however, all in all, he did a great job.

Great horse for a confident, advanced beginner or above.  Dragon stands tied to the trailer without any issues. Brushed him all over including his legs and face. Picked up his feet for me without any fight. Fly sprayed him and he never moved. Saddled like an old pro.  When riding in the round pen he moves a bit and does a little side-step, backup when trying to mount, however, once you are on him, he stops.  A confident rider can easily get over this by working with him regularly.   He stops on a dime, backs and turns with hardly any pressure of the legs. Neck reined with the lead rope. He has more spunk in his step when we were outside the arena but listens and is easy to control.  

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