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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Andalusian  

Height: 15

Age: 8
Katrina's Story

Katrina was saved from slaughter when HiCaiber purchased her from Ontario Auction March 28, 2017.

Update: July 22, 2017

This drop dead gorgeous 8 yr old girl is nothing short of amazing!  Her test ride showed her true style and fantastic responsiveness.  Katrina could become a truly impressive Dressage horse with schooling or could be adopted and used on the trail. She is just that versatile!  She leads, loads, ties, and loves to be groomed and bathed. What girl doesn’t like to be pampered! 

She knows her walk, trot canter and transitions nicely. This Andalusian princess has beauty and grace as well as intelligence. She has a great head on her shoulders and doesn’t spook or lose her cool. If you’re looking for a well-rounded girl, inquire about Katrina. The sky’s the limit with her and she’s happy to take you there! 

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