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      Status: Adopted

Breed: Quarter Horse Grade 

Height: 14.1

Age: 23
Casper's Story

Casper was surrendered to HiCaliber by his owners on March 25, 2017.

Casper is a quarter pony with melanomas on his tail (nonsurgical option). He's got no peripheral vision which makes him a little hard to catch. He's always been a bit aloof but is a friendly and surprisingly talented horse considering his lack of peripheral vision.

Don’t let his seasoned years fool you. He has impeccable ground manners, He is an excellent listener, and has far more “go” than “whoa”. His forward walk is a dream.  His gaits are bouncy and his spirit is strong. Casper is gorgeous, smart, and a pro under saddle but does require a light rider (less than 150lb with tack) given his size. He's  the little horse you’ve always dreamed about, so much fun to ride and won’t disappoint.

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