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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Appendix 

Height: 16.1

Age: 19
Dallion's Story

Dallion was surrendered to HiCaliber on March 8, 2017, because his previous owners were going through a divorce and could not keep Dallion any longer.

This horse is FANTASTIC!  Dallion participated in the Rancho Bernardo 4th of July parade and he was a ROCKSTAR. No issues getting him cleaned up at the ranch, loading in the trailer or getting ready for the parade. He did not care about the band warming up nearby. He was totally chill and relaxed (yawning, falling asleep) if at least one other horse was near him while we were waiting to start the parade. A total chill guy walking the route, we were behind a soccer club who had the huge blow-up soccer balls and they were bouncing them. Dogs barking, cars driving past him, kids, clapping...NOTHING phases him! LOVE THIS GUY

What a dream!  Great for a confident, advanced beginner.  Dallion isn't much of an arena guy.  He tends to just lean off of the rail in both directions, yet he is sweet and compliant at a walk, trot, canter, and halt. 

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