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Breed: Walker x 

Height: 14

Age: 20
Chris's Story

Chris was rescued by a villager and given to HiCaliber on March 13, 2017.  

One of our villagers went to a property to buy some tack and saw Chris (a stud, now gelding) in a filthy field with no food available and no running water.  She contacted HiCaliber after she rescued them and we took Chris in to find him a new home.  

Now that we've gotten know Chris we see that he is a little quirky, but all the ladies at HiCaliber say that's what makes him so special.  He likes to cuddle and prance around to show off how fancy he is. Chris did fantastic with the crowd and stood wonderfully around other horses in the arena when we showcased him at a recent HiCaliber event.  Wouldn't you love to give this beautiful horse a family of his own?

Interested?  Email: