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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 15.2hh

Age: 8
Kasatka's Story

Kat was rescued off a feelot in Fallon, NV, in 2013. She was a former match racer who was pregnant at just 3 years old. She hadn't been handled with much kindness; she flinched with quick movement and had a cow kick that would knock you into next week. She held her breath with every interaction, waiting to get the shit kicked out of her. UPDATE: "At times the youngster in her would come out, she'd show a silly, playful and carefree side, but she'd quickly remind herself that the other shoe was going to fall at some point. She's an old soul with a youthful feel - such a beautiful mess of betrayal and hope, naive yet well versed, scared but fearless. In time, we hoped to bring awareness to the feedlots and horses in crisis with her gorgeous moves. We had a huge amount of interest from trainers and well-to-do's who saw her videos. We wanted to hit the show ring with her at some point and shake America by the shoulders saying, ""these are the horses you are throwing away! Wake up and do right by these animals! But that day wouldn't come. Kat lost her baby about half way through her pregnancy. The loss hit her hard. She searched, screamed, paced and grieved for weeks. We gave her as much time as she needed, put her in pasture and mourned along side her. Our girl had a broken heart. Months passed, she got better but always had a drop of sadness to her. We decided to lightly start training in hopes of distraction. She developed a beautiful, quiet bond of trust and understanding with Callie of Dunbar Sporthorses. She grew confident, supple, soft and began to enjoy the friendship humans gave her. She was coming out of her shell. When we moved facilities in September of last year, we lost Callie - our new location was way too far for a mom of 2 kids under 5 to manage. Kat and Callie were both sad, but there weren't any other options. Kat went back into pasture and we scrambled to find her another human friend. She was shown to several prospective adopters but none of them had a connection. Kat is a stoic yet nervy horse until she knows you're safe. Once she trusts you, she's all yours. Matching a horse like her, who had faced so much in 4 years, wouldn't be easy. Adopters want the instant love affair, the ""we locked eyes and just knew"" story. We met Sophie Rimmer in October of 2014. She is a young, gorgeous trainer from Tall Oaks Equestrian Centre. Her seat is to die for, she had soft, quiet hands and we saw her interest pique when she met Kat. We watched them together, saw the mutual understanding and we prayed Sophie would take her on. We scrambled to find funds to cover the costs but knew this was Kat's best chance at finding ""her person."" Sophie ""got her"" and would be the best one to tap into that, translating her quirks to adopters. You guys rallied, donated and Kat was on her way. At this point, we didn't care about her movement, potential or making her the poster child. We just wanted her happy, loved, content and safe. Friends, that day has come. After almost 2 years in our program, Kat has been adopted. Our beautiful bay, with a puff of a forelock, shy personality and huge heart, has finally found her person: Chiara. She's a spiritual woman with an incredible gift. She understands Kat in a way that only a few of us have been blessed to. She listens, hears and respects all Kat has to say. She has no agenda...just a connection, a draw, a familiarity. We have honestly, never seen Kat this relaxed and happy. This ending is so much greater than a show ring, magazine article or blue ribbon. This is the peace she needed. The healing we were so desperate to find. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Kat's journey. Miles, Callie, Nigel, Dawn, Sophie and Tall saved this girl. To our donors - your generosity and understanding in using outside trainers when it suits the individual horse is so appreciated. We thank you especially. We know it's expensive to fund their tuitions, yet you agree, it's worth every penny to know Kat is finally home. Happy. At peace. We have a few other special horses in training off-site. Jack with dressage trainer, Shelley Divine; Conman and Dream driver with Dawn Pierce, Easy and Tika with Learn To Ride A Horse with Erika Hunter and Lalo with Kristy Cortez. All are making great progress and we'd love to keep them there. Our training fund is near empty. If you'd be willing to make a donation in Kat's honor, in celebration of her fight, her victory, her happiness...we will apply it to the other horses who are battling their fears, closing doors to their past and moving toward healing."