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        Status: Adopted

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Breed: Arabian  

Height: 14.1

Age: 18
Conspiracy 's Story

Conspiracy was purchased from her owner on February 13, 2017. 

Update:  July 3, 2017

What a really nice little horse! Perfect for an advanced beginner or intermediate rider.  She's easy to catch and just wants to make sure you mean you want her. She is a perfect lady with tying, grooming, feet and tacking. She stands still and lets you do what needs to be done. She stepped right up to the mounting block and stands still while mounting. This girl likes to be on the move, wants to go, go, go makes walk, trot, canter transition quickly but will listen if you ask her to slow down....for a minute. With her cute personality and Arab willingness to move why is she still here?

Update:  April 29, 2017

What a catch of a horse!! Tacking up is super easy and simple. She could care less about anything. Stands really well for the mount. She is your typical Arab when under saddle. Will walk, trot, and canter with ease. Doesn't like when you correct her by turning in a circle she will toss her head and try to pop up. If you continue circling, she stops. She is very quick with transitions and takes a minute to stop. 

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