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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Paint 

Height: 15.3hh

Age: 15
Jenga (now Annie)'s Story

Jenga came to us just a few months ago, also skin and bones. She was turned away at December's auction for being too skinny. Even though her winter coat hid it well, she was a BCS 2 under all of that hair. In January, she battled edema and could barely walk. She rallied, pulled through and then in February she began to "molt" going nearly bald like many of the starved horses we take in. UPDATE: "Jenga has blossomed - turning a gorgeous Liver Chestnut color without any signs of that skinny, lame mare she once was. She's chubby, happy and one of the sweetest mares at the ranch. After a recheck with West Coast Equine Medicine, we got the green light to test ride her. Despite her horrific conformation and cross over up front, we were hoping she could take a light rider as kids seem to be her niche. UPDATE: Well, we were moved near tears. Our gorgeous, 12 year old Jenga is a dead broke, mellow, calm, easy peasy lemon squeezy ride. She was a little shakey up front while going down hills so we will be moving her to our lightest rider's roster to help her build muscle, stamina and to be sure she is as safe as we think she is. As always, we test all of our horses bitless, Jenga was one reined and did perfect! It is a bit premature to tell but Jenga has the feel of a solid kids horse. Coincidently, we happen to know of a special little girl who has an intense bond with Jenga. Our Cinderella story for both of these girls would be to see them grow as friends on the ground, into partners under saddle. Jenga was adopted!