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          Status: Adopted

Breed: Arabian 

Height: 14.1

Age: 23
Trish's Story

Trish was surrendered to HiCaliber on January 12, 2017.

At 22 yrs young- Trish is a gal who's mature enough to slow down and enjoy life. She's not your typical Arabian in that she has a more relaxed demeanor and doesn't fret about every little thing around her. Like any posh gal, Trish loves a good spa day! She will let you pick up each of hooves with the refinement of a lady, no kicking or biting from her! Trish has a petite frame which only allows a light rider but kids are encouraged to take a spin as I'm as gentle as a cool breeze.

Mild neurological issues. Pleasure riding by a light rider <150lbs with tack.

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