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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Paint 

Height: 15

Age: 13
Rosie (APHA Rosie's Lucky Lady)'s Story

Rosie was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased her from Ontario Auction on January 10, 2017.

Rosie is a good western pleasure prospect suitable for an advance intermediate rider. Not a trail horse.

The only thing we have found is she wants nothing to do with cows! They are simply beneath her standards, all that mooing, and those cow patties!

Rosie is a top notch girl, with good breeding and excellent skills and could be happy doing anything you want! If Western Pleasure is up your alley, (she had a natural head set to die for) and you are an intermediate rider, then Rosie is your girl!

This Spring, we noticed that Rosie didn’t seem to spook easily. So naturally, we began our journey to find something to terrify her. We walked her by deadly chickens, terrifying ranch equipment, crinkled bags and plastic water bottles by her face, drove golf carts behind her as fast as we could, drug the arena with her in it with a mule, got on her in a blow up sumo suit, waived a tarp in front of her – the known greatest killer of horses – walked her over a tarp, made her drag it…. And just when we thought she was unspookable we finally found it! Rosie does not like cows. But even still, her greatest protest was just to quickly back away from the aliens (cows). When cows aren’t around though, this mare is super chill.  She is a beautiful little western pleasure girl with that low, low headset many of us spend years trying to get. She is extremely responsive to leg pressure and vocal cues and has a very comfortable gait. Rosie is one of the only horses we ride here at HiCaliber in a snaffle because she seems to prefer it. She responds to a very light hand with her bit, as long as you respect her enough to give her release when she does what you have asked. Rosie is a blast to ride and has a whole lot more to give. If you are an intermediate western rider looking for an absolute diamond in the rough, we have one.

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