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      Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred Cross  

Age: 19
Carrie 's Story

Carrie was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased her from Ontario Auction on December 27, 2016.

Pure sweetness!  Carrie has great ground manners. She's easy to catch, stands perfectly still for brushing and picks up all four of her feet like a pro.  Carrie accepts Fly spray like a champ and tacks up with ease.  Carrie is calm and cool, unfazed by the chickens, cars driving by, horses running around, wheelbarrows, etc.  Not so crazy about cows?  Carrie is super responsive to leg cues and walks, trots and canters perfectly! She is able to pick up her canter from the walk.  This gal loves to be groomed and stands perfectly still while being hosed off after her work outs.  Somebody scoop her up and take her home!

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