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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Crabbet Arabian 

Age: 118
Amadeo's Story

Amadeo is one of the most kick-ass trail horses we have ever known. He's not for beginners, but doesn't need a schooled rider...just someone who likes adventure, occasional speed and adrenaline. This guy likes to go and go...and go...and go....and go. He's an energizer bunny/mountain goat cross breed with rockstar feet, a fearless approach and "hell yeah! Let's scale that 4% grade!" attitude. He can seem hot and intimidating on the ground but it's really just the excitement of adventure he craves. We ride him bitless anywhere we go - he loves the beach, mountains, water, you name it he does it. He rides English or Western, loves to sail over logs or crevices and riding him is as close as you will get to flying. His lope is as smooth as they come despite the insane power coming from under you. He can turn on a dime, bend poles like a champ, no lunging needed, just get on and go. Bareback and a halter or fully tacked, he's the same horse. Gentry is a well schooled English rider and Michelle is the crazy cowgirl of HiCaliber - he is both of their favorites. Versatile! He was the official Arabian of the Del Mar Fair 2014, the staff there loved to ride him as well. We have come around corners with dirt bikes, joggers, snakes, dogs, drones and strollers. Not a problem. He's our favorite to go out alone on but does fine in groups too. He will lead or follow but prefers horses who are forward. He gets bored with slugs.