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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Quarter horse 

Height: 13.3

Age: 6
RayRay's Story

RayRay was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased her from Ontario Auction on December 06 2016


Need an English pleasure pony? Because we have one. Our first couple of rides with RayRay showed that she has some bitterness towards being ridden, she didn’t do anything aggressive, she was just tense. The more we took her out and she learned that we meant her no harm she became more and more soft both in hand and under saddle. RayRay will walk right up to you in the herd to be caught or to get some lovin'. She does well at lunging with pressure and release techniques. She is a bit squirmy for grooming and tacking but this is getting better every time she gets out. She responds well to her rope halter and her rider's leg. She has an adorable little trot and a great English eq head set. RayRay will test her rider, and needs someone with a confident, but soft hand so we recommend her for an intermediate rider. This girl is headed for blue ribbons though, no doubt.