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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Pony 

Height: 12.3

Age: 22
Tonka's Story

Tonka was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased him from Ontario Auction on November 22, 2016.

Tonka really is quite the character. He has a personality twice his size, is goofy and silly and likes to toss his handsome head and show off like he's a wild stallion at times, but he has great ground manners and is gentle to ride. This fancy fella looks almost like a mini Friesian, and he knows it.

Tonka has carried many a child in his days and knows just what he is doing. Safe and sound, he can still carry a tiny rider with ease. His main rider at the ranch says that riding this fancy prancy guy "is like riding a blender. Super fun but a little hard on the insides and I love him."

Tonka's favorite treat (other than adoration and ogling) are apples and watermelon, and you can win him over easily. Make sure to tell him how handsome he is on a regular basis; this proud pony loves praise and puffs up like a peacock when he sees or hears you admiring him. 

Don’t let his age or studliness deter you… We all know ponies live forever!

***Tonka is a cryptorchid stud (one undescended testicle). He is able to be adopted out as such because due to his age, he is at a much higher medical risk for going under general anesthesia, and our vets advised against the procedure. He IS a stud and can be a little... "manly" at times-mostly showing off in his stall. He knows exactly how handsome he is, and wants you to know too!

Overall, his behavior is that of a relatively chill (albeit hilariously mischievous) kid-friendly pony. He is ridden often as a leadline pony by the ranch kids. He will be adopted only under a STRICT no-breeding contract, and should obviously not be pastured or turned out with mares.***

Tonka was recently featured on our HiCaliber Facebook Adoptables page and can be seen by clicking here.

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