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    Status: Available for Adoption

Breed: Quarter Horse 

Height: 14

Age: 5
Velvet's Story

Velvet was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased her from Ontario Auction on November 11 2016

We've been watching Velvet closely, We've noticed that Velvet's pasterns are dropping. Due to that she is a light rider horse only. We're recommending no more than 175 lbs with tack.  

Velvet is a beautiful little mare and she knows it, She is sweet and listens very well, but she has no time for your nonsense. Who does though? Not only does she look pretty but she also moves beautifully. Velvet reaches nicely from the shoulder in all 3 gaits. She is also pretty brave when walking around the property. Velvet is young and needs an intermediate to advanced rider to help guide her in the right direction but with some work, she will be an amazing little horse for someone.

Requires a rider with tack <150lbs due to long pasterns.

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