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  Status: Adopted

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Breed: Doney 

Height: 11.2

Taffy 's Story

Taffy was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased her from Ontario Auction on November 1 2016

Update (11/7/16):

Taffy is the coolest, cutest, kid safe little mule in the universe...

It's also very likely she has cancer.

We don't know for sure because we can't get in there and test the lumps or biopsy without disrupting the areas. We don't want to cause further damage and spread cells when it really doesn't change anything. She's old and needs to retire.

We know, non-operable cancer and being in your golden years doesn't seem like it would be a very desired combo... BUT she's SOOOOOO sweet and fun and cuuuuuute!!!! I'm 100% sure someone will fall in love with her the same way we have.

Seriously. You'll want to love her and smoosh her and kiss her and squeeze her and hug her.

She won't last forever but she could have a year or more left. She's healthy outside of that! Her pink little eyes need to stay covered and her vision is just a little cloudy on the right but OMG SHE IS SO SWEET AND CUTE.