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      Status: Adopted

Breed: Arabian 

Height: 14.3

Age: 17
Mercy's Story

Mercy was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber purchased her from Ontario Auction on October 25, 2016.

We have always said that our ranch is hard on the super oldies and the blind... Rolling hills, changing herds, lots of handlers. We know our niche and aren't ashamed a to ask for help in the world of rescue. We can't do it all.

Mercy is an unstarted mare without vision in her left eye. Mercy arrived last year and went through a process of being aggressive and had to build her trust of humans. She is now a very sweet, nice horse who is begging for one-on-one attention...but makes it clear she has baggage in the trust department. She doesn't seem to want to be ridden and that's ok with us. Mercy really needs a pasture home. She is great in the herd with friends but can be harder to catch. Mercy is a ranch favorite and a very special girl, but she needs a little quieter vibe to shine.

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