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      Status: In Rehab &/or Training

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Breed: Quarerhorse 

Age: 3
Sierra 's Story

Sierra was purchased in the parking lot of Ontario Auction on October 4, 2016.

Sierra and two friends were purchased on the parking lot after auction. Sierra is blind in one eye and the eye will need to be removed.

Update: (06/20/17):

Sierra is officially starting under saddle. Sierra has amazing ground manners, and gets ponied to shows along a busy highway, past barking dogs, under dark highway bridges, through crowds, up hills, down hills, through ravines and ditches. She's not a fan of water crossings but her foster is working on it. She's definitely very sure-footed for a young horse. Sierra had to have her left eye removed when she came to us, but her foster has worked very hard on desensitizing her and now she's no longer freaked out when you try to put the halter on from the left side. She lets to pick up all four feet with ease. Easy for the farrier and is just overall a very sweet little mare.