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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Throughbreed 

Age: 5
Gambler( JC El Lucero) 's Story

Gambler was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from the Ontario Auction on September 20, 2016.

Gambler is a papered and Tattooed Thoroughbred. He has instantly won over everybody at the stable where he is being fostered to continue his ground work. His size and good looks make heads turn and his playful personality does the rest. He’s very curious and inquires about everything and everyone passing by, be it a tractor, a horse or a person!

While he can still be a little "mouthy" especially when exploring the world around him, he is quite the gentleman when taking treats from your hand, which contrasts with his exuberance during his hand-walks. But hey, who would blame a 4-year-old ex-race horse on layup for almost a year for showing he’s happy to be out and about!

Tall, Chestnut, and Handsome. Gambler is known by many of our volunteers as a serial make out artist and an overall goof. However, Gambler is a skilled athlete and being on stall rest from his leg injury is seriously cramping his style. Currently, when he gets to come out and take a stroll he is so excited about it that he… uh… forgets his manners… He has also gone from making out to more of a risky style of love, nipping. The guy is just bored. He is a great horse and with a few more months of stall rest and hand walking his prognosis is that he will be completely sound. He is going to be someone's greatest friend and project. Such an incredible amount of potential in this guy, if we could just keep him entertained until then.  Gambler needs experienced handlers at this time and someone who can put in the literal leg work of hand walking only. We promise you won't regret it. 

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