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      Status: Adopted

Breed: Arabian 

Age: 6
Batman's Story

Batman was saved from the kill buyers lot on September 13th 2016. He was named by our HiCaliber Kids page. 

Update (0109/17):

This young man is always turning heads! Batman is a young Arab who is destined to be your endurance horse. He has very good ground manners and is excellent at lunging. He is still learning to hold up his back feet for cleaning, but he will hold them up with patience and persistence. Tacking up and cinching makes this guy very nervous, but he is making constant forward progress and becoming more comfortable each time he is saddled. He does not like to stand still for mounting, but once you are on he is perfectly happy to do what you ask. These couple of little things will easily be hammered out with consistent work. Batman is a smart man. Under saddle he has energy for DAYS! He has a quick stride and is very light on his feet. Batman will work for hours, as long as you are willing to work too. When his rider is focused and pressing him forward, he is focused and pressing forward. He really is a joy to ride! Great walk, trot, and canter. He is an EXCELLENT English horse. He would be a great project for an advanced intermediate or advanced rider to finish their way. 

Update (10/17/16): 
Batman had his test ride and he is the cutest green bean! He's green broke and we think he will be an awesome endurance horse. Michelle thinks he will really be able to save his energy and go for hours!