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    Status: Adopted

Breed: QH Grade 

Age: 10
BlueBerry's Story

Blueberry was given to HiCaliber by her owner on September 4, 2016.

Blueberry is everyone’s perfect horse!  Working all week and want to take a nice leisurely ride on the weekends? Need a horse that has fantastic ground manners, loves to be groomed and bathed, is an amazing and bombproof trail horse and can be your best friend?  Blueberry is for you!  

This girl is the perfect walk/trot horse that you can go out, tack up and hop on. She is a great trail horse. Crosses water, up and down steep hills, walks by cows, etc. She is simply fantastic! 

Because of a previous hip injury, Blueberry wants to lope but shouldn’t. She should only be ridden at a walk and trot. 

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