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            Status: Adopted

Breed: Andalusian 

Height: 14

Age: 4
Bailey's Story

Bailey was rescued by HiCaliber in January 2015 when she and her mule friend got away from their home. They were hit by a car and Bailey's buddy did not make it, but Bailey pulled through.  Riverside County Animal Services contacted HiCaliber to take the young baby and give her a new life.  Bailey has since been evaluated for any lasting damage from her accident and while her hock seems to hold fluid on occasion, she does not show any type of mechanical lameness.  YAY!!!!

It's now 2017 and we can't believe it but our sweet little girl is now 3 years old and all filled out! We are getting ready to start Miss Bailey under saddle and we are so excited for her. She is a smart young lady with gorgeous movement and a totally clean slate. Bailey is completely sound and up to date on everything. This horse can go in any direction, and she is ready to get going. She is sweet and snuggly in the herd, totally easy to catch. She is a little herd bound right now, but you can easily get her attention by getting her to do some work. She already has an amazing start on her compliments of one of our trusted trainers, and already knows her basics. We cannot wait to see how well this girl does with her saddle training.