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        Status: Available for Adoption

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Breed: Andalusian 

Height: 14

Age: 2
Bailey's Story

Bailey was rescued by HiCaliber in January 2015.  Bailey was very young when she and her mule friend got away from their home.  They were hit by a car and Bailey's buddy did not make it, but Bailey pulled through.  Riverside County Animal Services contacted HiCaliber to take the young baby and give her a new life.  Bailey has since been evaluated for any lasting damage from her accident and while her hock seems to hold fluid on occasion, she does not show any type of mechanical lameness.  YAY!!!!

Bailey was allowed to be a baby in the nursery with the rest of our littles, but this year it was time for her to start training. Bailey went to Indian Hill Ranch to train in the Valley Center Youth to the Rescue Program and excelled! She can now trailer, lift all four feet, lunge, tie, and fly like a squirrel! Ok, maybe not fly, but the young horses that came out of this program were sure awesome and Bailey was no exception.

Bailey is going to be a BIG, BEAUTIFUL girl at maturity.   She is also sassy and SMART. She would be great at basic dressage or on trails. This girl has talent and just waiting for someone to explore it with her.