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  Status: Adopted

Breed: QH grade 

Height: 14.2

Age: 6
Kirek's Story

Kirek was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from Ontario Auction on July 26, 2016.

Update (10/01/16):

Love a bitchy mare?

Kirek is a cute, little, four year old Spanish blooded something...   She's also a twat.

Everything you gelding people hate about mares, well, she's the poster child.

From the squeals to the stomps to the bipolar episodes, Kirek just wants to be your best frenemy! She wrote the book on "I love you, come here. I hate you, go away. Where are you going? I love you. Why are you bothering me? Go away."

She's great for some of us, yet tries to chase others from her stall, ears pinned with the devil's glare.  She's the horse who will be an angel for you, but the sweet little no-habla-Engles stall cleaner will rake from the outside, TYVM!

Kirek may look innocent in her picture... But the truth is, getting her ears up was about as easy as asking a teenager to smile in a family picture. There was a lot of eye rolling in the form of tail swishing and several "Are we done yet?"s.

Kirek is looking for a home or a trainer to start her at a reasonable cost. She has likely already been backed considering the two youngsters she came in with rode, but we ARE HiCalorie Horse Rescue. Our riding team is mostly too bootylicious (or just too pussy) to hop on this petite 14.2  cuntymccunterson girl.

SOMEONE has to be as crazy as (but far skinnier than) Michelle and like these bitch face horses.

If you're out there, bring your crazy our way. Then you can meet our crazy, and we can all be crazy together.