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  Status: Available for Adoption

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Breed: QH Grade 

Height: 14.3

Age: 3
Cherry's Story

Cherry was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from Ontario Auction on July 26, 2016.

Update (10/02/16):

Who doesn't have a sweet tooth, especially for some Cherry pie? If a sweet and smooshy mare is your style, Cherry is the girl for you.

Cherry was said to be a kids horse at auction. Not sure how possible that is, but given her young age, we have not test ridden her. We don't want to pop her.

She's a nice, short backed mare with a great mind about her. She has just enough white to make her flashy, but still has the dreamy bay points that make us swoon.

If you want some young flash to start your way, we see no signs of mishandling with this girl. She came in underfed, but we took care of that promptly. She's still growing at 14.2 and will steal your heart, the way we steal cookies. She's 2 going on 3.

If you have a sweet tooth, like a little pie in your mouth, and are looking for the Cherry on top, come on out and meet her. If you like her, you lick her and then she's yours.