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      Status: Adopted

Breed: QH Grade 

Height: 15.3

Age: 12
Shane's Story

Shane was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from Ontario Auction on July 12, 2016.

A volunteer favorite! Shane is a sweet guy who loves to love! His lameness hasn't gotten better so we're looking for a pasture home for him. He would be fine for little kids to be lead around on, but we think he'd make a great companion. 

Shane lives for belly scratches and muzzle kisses, come when called and has a smile that lights up a barn. Shane will climb in your lap if you let him. Some say he's a puppy in horse clothing. He leads like a dream and looks like a debonair beast. Kids don’t scare him. He thinks loud noises are for sissies. he can handle light riders who fancy short trail rides in the sunset (The evening light, by the way, matches my dazzling coat) but due to suspensory injuries, Shane cannot carry more than 175 lbs with tack. And unlike his high maintenance friends, he's a guy with apple juice tastes. He doesn't need fancy accouterments, I just need true love. The kind that never ends.   

Shane was recently featured on the HiCaliber Facebook page.  To see him click here.

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