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          Status: Adopted

Breed: Quarab - AngloArab 

Height: 15

Age: 8
Erick's Story

Erick was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from Ontario Auction on July 12, 2016.
Update 01/18/17:
Erick is a LOVE BUG.  Not a mean bone in this horses's body.....  no joke - not a single one.  He is green, but loves to learn and please.  He was anti-feet when he came in, but his foster has been working with him and he has gotten remarkably better in a quick period of time.  He will take a saddle and rider - no buck, rear or bolt that we have seen yet.  He is still learning the cues of riding, but has been doing great in training with no bit, just clear communication.  He had a tiny hitch in his giddy-up on the front left.  All x-rays have been clean, but he did come in with TERRIBLE LONG feet, bad angles and an abscess in that foot.  We opted to put shoes on the front to help correct those angles and give him some protection.  He is doing wonderfully with the shoes.

He is low man on the totem pole and that is why he is so scarred up.  Not recommended to be housed with aggressive or dominant horses.  Erick just doesn't get it and wants to be everyone's friend.  He also loves his scratches (especially around his tailhead and butt).  He will grind his teeth, wrinkle his upper lip and start banging his head.  It is hilarious!  This guy needs a human partner that wants to work with him as a partner as well as spend time with him just loving, cuddling, grooming and nuzzling.

If you are looking for that sweet as pie guy that responds well to light cues and love, this is your man.  Great with all other animals as he is currently housed with horses, minis, goats and donkeys.  He is also dog friendly and loves to nuzzle children :)