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        Status: Adopted

Breed: QH Grade 

Brennan's Story

Brennan was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from the Ontario Auction on June 28, 2016.

Update (12/13/16): 
Mr. Brennan is a good guy who wants to chill and wander down the trails with you. He might not be an old man, but he can be a little grumpy about doing silly arena drills. However, throw a saddle and a rope halter up on him and take a cruise and he is perfectly content. We have walked Brennan all over the property, just keeping it casual, and that is where he is the most content. He has a nice little trot as well, but as of yet seems uncomfortable when asked to canter. Brennan is not super excited about tiny humans, so no kiddos for him, but an intermediate rider who wants to cruise some trails would be a great match.

Update (08/19/16):
Brennan came in a few months ago skinny and toothless. Yes, you read that right he is our toothless wonder. When Brennan came in we assumed due to the lack of teeth he was an oldie. Michelle worked really hard and found a mix of food that helped Brennan pack on the pounds. Once he started to fill out, Michelle wasn't too sure if he was a 30 year old gelding like we originally thought. She actually thinks he's a lot younger. He came in with saddle scars so they did a live Facebook test ride of Brennan. You can check out the recorded video on our Facebook here.