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      Status: Adopted

Breed: QH Pony 

Age: 9
Eliza's Story

Eliza was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on June 28, 2016.

This lovely girl is filling out quite nicely! Just look at her before and after pictures and you can see why our fosters are the best. Eliza is a love bug according to her foster family. A barn favorite who loves attention and a kids favorite. 

Update (08/10/16):
We got an update from Eliza's foster family. Here is what they wrote: 
I know some of you asked for an update on our foster horse, Eliza. Here is the 2.5 week report!

Despite being nervous when she first arrived, Eliza (now nicknamed Ellie) has settled in nicely and is a total love bug. We have marveled at how quickly she warmed up to us - only 48 hours after arrival she began to knicker anytime she heard our voices!

Between her daily mash, supplements and being given 3 meals a day, we can already see a noticeable difference in her weight. Most of her lesions are healed now and have fresh pink skin covering them. The large bump on her back right leg has gone down and no longer has an open sore, though there is still some swelling or scar tissue present.

The first time we offered Eliza a treat she had no idea what it was! Now that she has figured it out she knickers and neighs as soon as she hears the sound of the treat container.

We have learned that slow and steady wins the race with Eliza. She is terrified of her fly mask - and the sound of the Velcro is enough to make her hide at the back of her stall. Thankfully our excellent trainer Kelsey has taught us that with lots of love, cookies, coaxing, and excruciatingly small movements we are able to take the fly mask on and off daily.

Eliza had clearly never experienced cross ties before so Kelsey slowly worked up to using them - first tying her, then using one side, and now we have progressed successfully to standing without panic in the crossties! She is still learning to pick up her feet to have her hooves picked but has made great progress so far.

When she first arrived, Eliza did not like being turned out without another horse but once Kelsey introduced her to Chami, she calmed down. Chami babysits Eliza in the turnout - it's sweet to see them together. However, Eliza really shines out on trail - when she is hand walked out on trail Eliza is the one who babysits Chami! She is really brave and loves to splash in the creek - so excited, in fact, that she accidentally pulled Kelsey into the creek the first week! And thanks to Kelsey's hard work, Eliza is now comfortable being turned out alone (and can be a total wild woman!)

Eliza definitely still has some trust issues but we already see such a difference in her. She has also become the star of the barn - everyone loves her and stops to ask about her whenever we are out with her. It has been a great opportunity to spread the word about HiCaliber Horse Rescue!"

Thank you to our amazing fosters for taking such great care of our horses.