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      Status: Adopted

Breed: QH Grade 

Height: 15

Age: 12
Bellissa's Story

Bellisa was saved from slaughter at Ontario Auction by HiCaliber Horse rescue on March 29, 2016

Update (7/11/16):

Bellisima is our nine year old unicorn. She's got floppy ears like eeyore, a round tummy like a hippo, short legs like a basset hound, and the heart of a saint.

We've had her on our pasture puff list for awhile due to her low pasterns. She doesn't have DSLD but to preserve her joints/ligaments/tendons etc, everyone agreed she shouldn't be ridden, or at most, a light rider. She came to us well trained, a quiet push button girl who would slip under the radar if she wasn't so flashy.

After time in our pasture puff herd, she's made it clear, she's bored. She hates not working, loves being in the middle of everything and soaks up all of the chaos we throw her way.

When Ajay asked to ride her, we knew this would be her niche. Sure enough, she was AMAZING. We 100% trusted her with Ajay and she kept her cool everywhere we went: the chicken coop, peacocks, alpacas, cows, up and over rock walls, traffic, gators, strollers, dogs, and we even walked her right up to the front door when Ajay asked to be delivered home.

You want this mare in your children's lives. She's so awesome. She will teach them things you'd never be able to. She's happy, an easy keeper, healthy, sweet, easy going and beautiful.

She'll be in your family photos for years to come and you'll forever find yourself asking "how did we get so lucky?"

Don't pass her by. She's supposed to go home with you. Come get her. She's meant to be yours.

Update (07/07/16):

Bellissa is on of the most easy going sweet girls we have. A beautiful, unique mare, she is eye catching in color but keeps you around with her smoochy, loving personality.  She's only about mid teens but has been diagnosed with DSLD.  She is well broke and doesn't mind someone hopping on for a hug, using her as a couch a just to plop a kiddo on.  This is one special mare that is looking for one special home.