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            Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Age: 15
Engineer (JC Engineer)'s Story


#hicaliberengineer He was so amazing to brush. He walks amazing and ties great! He is very curious and loves to try and eat anything and everything like the brushes and the lead rope. He doesn’t like to have his face brushed but other then that he’s super fantastic!!

Engineer was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from Ontario Auction on June 7, 2016.

It's now the end of summer 2017....Why is Engineer still here?  

Engineer...a dream come true. We can’t say enough good things about this amazing boy. This sexy “war horse” is looking for an intermediate rider to swoon. He is easy to catch, loves to be groomed, picks up feet easily, stands patiently while being saddled/mounted and has a trot and canter that feel like you are floating. Engineer moves right off when asked. He is great at a sitting trot, moves up into a working trot and back to a sitting trot with ease and picks up into a canter when asked. He loves to work the arena and would be best suited for flat work or possibly dressage. He is a big lover, a true gentleman, and a real head turner. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your dreams a reality. Engineer is ready to go home with you today.

This sexy beast has been getting out and worked, and damn is he good at it! This horse has the smoothest gait and is very responsive to just his rope halter. *cough, not a crazy war horse, cough* We have been working him in our large arena to make sure that this race horse doesn’t get too excited when he has lots of space, and we are extremely pleased to report he is a perfect gentleman. He does pick up a little speed if you let him on the long side, but he is very easy to bring back down. He lunges extremely well and stands quietly for grooming and tacking. He likes to get rinsed off and loves to snuggle. He draws an audience when we ride him… every time. We don’t blame them. Because he is an OTTB and can hold his head high and toss it around occasionally, we recommend him for an intermediate rider. 

Update:  August 1, 2016

Engineer proved he was such a "crazy" TB when being bridled. Michelle put her life of the line TWICE! First putting a bridle on him, and second doing his test ride. Both videos were posted on our Facebook. See his bridle video here his test ride video here. Pray for Michelle, she barely made it out of there alive. 

Update:  July 26, 2016  

Engineer has been medically cleared to go back to work! It was a huge sigh of relief heard all around the world. The village did it. You really did it. As a celebration, this boy decided to have a little fun with out of our volunteers. See his fun time here.

Update:  July 17, 2016

Engineer has a special visitor today. Through Facebook Vicky, one of his former jockeys found out her buddy Engineer was safe with us. Last time she saw Engineer was in the winner's circle. Check out the video that was posted to our Facebook page here.

Update:  July 8, 2016

Our war horse is enjoying his sand stall. Thank you to our AMAZING village who not only rallied to save him from auction but rallied to get him a stand stall. Engineer and his boyfriend Strategist are enjoying their time together. Wanna check out how much he loves his sand stall? Check out this video posted on our Facebook page here.

Engineer had a spa day recently, safe to say he loved it and we loved the silly faces this boy makes. Check out the post our HiCaliber Kids page posted about his spa day here.

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