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            Status: Adopted

Breed: OTTB 

Age: 14
Strategist (JC Strategist)'s Story

Strategist was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from Ontario Auction on June 7, 2016.

Strat is looking for a home that will appreciate his OTTB personality and that has a buddy for him to spend time with. He is not picky…. Tall, dark and handsome or short, fat and furry all works for him!

An intermediate rider is preferred to keep him focused and moving forward. He bonds quickly to his pasture pals and doesn’t think he should have to work when they don’t! He knows his walk, trot, canter and has a very extended reach which is a dream to sit to at the canter. Strat tends to carry his head high and hollow his back so the riders have been working on bringing down his head and rounding him out. He has great ground manners, leads, trailers, loves grooming especially his face, tacks and has no problems with the cinch. He even gives you all 4 feet! This boy is gorgeous and has so much potential for the right rider. He is willing and knows his stuff and now just needs to find a home that will show him all the fun things out there to explore!

Update:  June 29, 2017

After much consideration, it seems the Strategist just needs a friend. Strategist and Engineer are no longer a bonded pair but Strategist will need a buddy. He gets attached quickly and moves on just as quickly. He's an absolute dream boat of a horse and we know he will fly out of here. 

Update:  April 4, 2017 

The other half of #HiCaliberStratigeer. What a duo these heartbreakers are! Strategist is great on the ground and with lunging. He responds very well to vocal cues. He is kinda the lady of the relationship and can get fairly preoccupied with where his man (Engineer) is at times, but as long as you keep him working he stays focused. He is great in a saddle and has an excellent gait. Strat holds his head up higher than some other horses, but not in an attempt to evade any cues or action from you - he just seems to want it there. He is very responsive to leg, vocal cues, and his rope halter. He doesn’t get too excited in our large arena like one might expect from an OTTB. He is very forgiving to his rider actually and seems to have an immense desire to please. We recommend Strat for an intermediate English rider, only because of his headset and natural occasional "thoroughbred-y-ness." He is an amazing horse and someone who adopts him will definitely have hit the jackpot! 

Update July 18, 2016 

Strategist was cleared to go back to work so Michelle couldn't wait to do his test ride. She jumped on him and had an uneventful yet amazing ride. This war horse who spent his whole life running "ball to the wall" was being ridden in just a rope halter, was a perfect gentleman. Wanna see his test ride? Check out the video posted on our Facebook page here.

Update:  July 8, 2016

Strategist pawing at the ground and acting stressed is why we were able to save him and his lover Engineer. We found out the war horse is not crazy, but was just scared and was separated from his friend. Once reunited, he calmed down. Strategist is in the stall next to Engineers sand stall. If you take one out for a walk, the other follows as far as they can. They're a great pair and make a pretty cute couple. #Strategeer