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  Status: Adopted

Breed: QH Grade 

Age: 7
Megan's Story

Megan was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on May 31, 2016.

Update (12/13/16):
This girl wants a job! She is all business when she lunges, because she likes to work… and we don’t mind. We like to watch her. She is a gorgeous little mare. She has great manners and is very respectful on the ground. She rides well in saddle or just bareback, and responds well to just the rope halter. She is a quick mover and short coupled, with some guidance she could be a great Gymkhana horse. Really though, this lady is ready to go where you want to take her. Megan is green, and she is occasionally mare-ish, but she is smart and she likes to work. She would be a very rewarding project for a confident intermediate to advanced rider. She LOVES getting hosed off after she is finished with her work for the day as well. And the mane… the girl literally sweats under her mane when she is just standing there because it is so thick and luscious! 

Update (08/22/16): 

Megan is ready to go home with YOU!!!

5 years old, barefoot, sound, bitless, sweet, smart, responsive, safe... You want this horse.

Megan is a pleasure to work with. She's slightly green but it only shows on occasion - when she's unsure she just balks a tad. Tip her head and she picks back up. No buck, rear, bolt. Goes out alone or in groups, arena or trail.

Megan clearly had someone sitting on her mouth before she arrived here. We've been working on balance, getting supple, bending and engaging her booty like a like QH mare should! All without a bit!

She's a stout 14.3 -15hh, teen safe, smooth transition's, comfy trot, great on left lead, good on right 90% of the time. More whoa than go. Happy to mosey. Gets along with other horses great, pasture kept, easy keeper, LOTS OF MANE!