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            Status: Adopted

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Breed: QH Grade 

Age: 1
Secret's Story

Secret was born on the morning of May 24, 2016 at HiCaliber to her mother Victoria.

Update (08/03/16):
If you follow us on Facebook you heard the tragic news about our "Miracle baby" Secret saved her momma, Victoria, and has implemented a new policy of pregnancy checks for all mares. This little love will be missed by so many. Thank you Secret, for all the smiles, laughs, and unconditional love. You are missed.   

Update (07/27/16): 
We had our "Sunday with Secret" update video a few weeks ago. Check out the update on our Facebook page here. 

Update 07/08/16): 

Baby secret is enjoy life. Thank you to our AMAZING village who raised over $8,000 for baby Secrets surgery and after care. She's a silly girl that is definitely a ranch favorite. She jumps around, plays, and smiles. We're all excited to see this special girl grow up. 

Update (05/25/16):

Baby Secret checked out well and seemed to be a normal, healthy foal. About six hours after she was born, Secret started to crash. She was suffering from abdominal pain and was thrashing on the ground.

Dr. Anderson was already on-site and caught it quickly. She stabilized baby, got an IV, fluids and meds on board right away. We sedated baby and loaded up mom to head to San Luis Rey Equine Hospital.

Once there she was ultra sounded, xrayed and examined. The surgical team and radiologists felt it was a diaphragmatic hernia, a rare condition where the diaphragm is perforated and intestines go into the chest cavity.

We had no way to confirm without opening her up so on a leap of faith, we consented to exploratory surgery while we turned to you, our village for support and prayed Secret would survive anesthesia.

It was a confirmed, a dorsal diaphragmatic hernia was the culprit and last night, while most of the world was sleeping, our 12-hour-old filly underwent major abdominal surgery.

Despite the odds, being just hours old, somehow Secret survived the operation and anesthesia. She recovered without issue and was reunited with mama late last night. She has to be muzzled to avoid nursing as her intestines and colon are greatly inflamed.

Baby Secret LOVES people and calls to us as we come and go. She's a total love. What a little character she will be!