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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Paint 

Height: 15.0

Age: 13
Ginger (APHA Some Foxy Lady)'s Story

Ginger was rescued from slaughter by HiCaliber at Ontario Auction on May 24, 2016.

Update (06/28/16):

What the hell are people thinking dumping bombshells like this at auction?

This PAPERED APHA mare was found at auction in the end of May. Her registered name is "Some Foxy Lady" but to us she is Ginger -- BEAUTIFUL, sweet, super-well behaved and trained. 

Michelle jumped on her without a drop of ground work. Perfection...tossed a saddle on like she had known her for years and away they went.

Ginger's certainly not for beginners, she likes to know you know what you're doing, but the second she's aware you know your stuff, she's AWESOME. 

She's super comfy, stands beautifully to mount, barefoot, bitless and she comes with papers.

She's 11 years old, a STOCKY 15.0, and moves out nicely without being a hothead. One blue eye, one brown. Super flashy.