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    Status: Available for Adoption

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Breed: QH Grade 

Age: 5
Rojas's Story

Rojas was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from Ontario Auction on May 16, 2016.

Update (08/15/16):
Rojas was cleared to go back to work this weekend. You can see the video of him walking around the round pen here. 

Update (07/27/16): 
We found that pesky ball and thank you to SLREH for taking such great care of our boy. He needs a few more miles since he's still a little green but he's going to make someone a great friend and he is sexy. 

Update (06/20/16):

Rojas had a test ride, but seemed a little ancy.....  I would be too if there were so many heat-crazed women around and I was a stud!  We gave him a break and he went to San Luis Rey Equine Hospital for surgery to find that pesky, testoterone making ball hidden in his abdomen.  He is back at the ranch and healing up.  Once he is ready and a little less worked up over the winking vaginas, he will get a true test of his skills.