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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Age: 6
Kasik's Story

Kasik was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from Ontario Auction on May 16, 2016.

Update (12/13/16):
ANGEL HORSE! This young man is going to make someone and their mother VERY happy. Kasik is only 4, but he is willing and sweet as can be. He almost fell asleep on me more than once while grooming and tacking, stood perfectly still. He tries to evade a little bit when you ask him to pick up his back feet but once you get them he lets you hold them up. The dancing will stop with frequent handling. He rushes while lunging, but this is just because he isn’t sure what you are doing. Once he sees that you aren’t going to chase him he will calm down. Under saddle he is a dreamboat, smooth, energetic, long stride for trot and canter. Kasik would make an excellent English equitation horse! Want some blues? We have your boy. He is young and would be EASY PEASY to finish for an intermediate rider.

Update (05/19/16):

Here is what Michelle had to say about this sexy, silly, lovable guy. 

"I love this derp.

Silly, sexy, naughty, dorky, ADD, goofy, accident prone, needy, lovey, SQUIRREL!, charming, "Did I do that?" sensitive, suave, and studly.

I'm talking about our new auction horse, Kasik... Not Becky.

I don't "fall" for many horses anymore. I've learned to keep my guard up a bit, but this guy is like the adorably-annoying, nerdy-hot guy at a bar who refuses to leave you alone (but secretly, you don't want him to anyway). You try and try to beat him at his game but ultimately, he's got you wrapped around his finger, like so many women before you.

Playing hard to get does you no good. He'll cast his spell on you. It's effortless.

He is sound, has a freshly clipped bridle path, is sexy AF, and was tossed at auction. WTMFF?

I don't expect this guy to be here long. He's full of personality, is quite dramatic and loves the attention. (Histrionic much?) Yesterday, hours after gelding him, he tried to convince us he was dying by laying there moaning, ignoring his feed and making sad faces. When that didn't work, he got himself "stuck" in the pipe corral.

We gave the drama queen extra meds, kissed him on the head and told him to suck it up. Bristol deserves sympathy. She lost an eye. You sir, you'll be just fine. Balls are balls.

Fine indeed, he says and decided to show us that his dong was still working this morning with creeper status flashing mode. Live it up dude. You'll be shooting blanks in no time.

I love the horses of Ontario. We are so lucky to get to know them, make their lives better, laugh with them, at them and for them in their post-auction adventures.

This guy is going to land himself a great home. He will have a line of ladies waiting for him... hell, he already does.

Kasik, welcome to HiCaliber. I don't think you'll be here long, but while you are - I'm going to hug you, kiss you, yell at you when you drop your weiner, and annoy the shit out of you with my love.

What an amazing life I'm so blessed to live"