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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse 

Height: 15.1

Age: 21
Otis's Story

Otis was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from Ontario Auction on May 16, 2016.

Update from Otis' foster mom and trainer (08/22/16):

Do you like to work hard?  And PLAY hard too?

Is riding your passion? Do you need a no-nonsense, cut the crap, get to point kind of horse? 

Is Age - only a number???

I know... I know where you're going with this... you see "20" and think he has three legs in the grave and one leg out.... or you're probably thinking "great...he's gonna die on me"

Well, let me be the first to squash that thought right here and now...

This guy?

He's a physically fit and a healthy HUNK of a horse! Total beef cake. I bet if he were human, he'd be the hot guy that you keep eye balling every time you go to the gym (don't lie...I know you're visualizing) he's the one bench pressing Buicks while you're over in the corner sweatin' bullets while doing squats.  Don't worry, I'm sure he eyes you too.

Well, back to Otis... best part about him? He's focused at the job on hand.

He takes his trail riding biz and arena work SERIOUSLY.

He doesn't have time to baby sit you and he doesn't want you to baby him. He's more interested in traveling the world, hopefully with some arm candy ....errr I mean saddle candy??

He'll take care of you, sure... but he wants you to get on, shut up and hold on. He needs a confident partner that is ready to go.  He isn't spooky - unless it's a cow with a fly mask on, reaching in your pen eating your food... then I think we all have some reservations.

But he is solid and built like a Missouri Fox Trotter. He even has that famous front foot pace that's smooth as all get out... I promise if you have a full cup of wine...err water, you won't spill a single drop on your nice blouse...

Water crossing? Big waves, small bays? NOT A PROBLEM!  He will run full force into - total submarine style and all. Just grab some mane and hold on.

He's kind of a workaholic.  He's the guy who will work 8462528 hours in one day, sleep for maybe an hour and he's back up before the sun ready to do it all over again. He's not hyper or hot... he just wants that green at the end of the day.

He is tired of being let down by sissy wannabes... or children who loose interest over time. He's done doing the one night stands and is ready to settle down with someone with a like mindset. He loves taking strolls on the beach with wake-surfers in tow. Loves dogs. He is friends to all animals...(except that creepy cow with the fly mask). Comes with no baggage. No known kids from previous marriages err owners. No baby mama drama. Favorite foods are ice-cream and watermelon.

Favorite color is Green....(cause he looks sexy in it). He likes open spaces and wants to go for long strolls on the trails with that special someone.

So, he's basically ready to settle down... and make that step into a forever commitment.....

Better late than never- right?

Old men deserve love too :)

Update (06/02/16):

Johnathan has been working with Otis and he put words to Otis' ride like no one else ever could:

"So let me tell you how smooth this guy is. I love a horse with a gait. Like most new men I meet, he was a little all over the place while trying to brush him and tack him up. Thank god Daniel was there to rub his head (not that one) and almost put him to sleep. But Diva behaviors don't go unnoticed around here. As you saw on a prior post, Otis's punishment was a Snooki bump and a pink halter. In the words of RuPaul, you better work, bitch.

Once I got the saddle on he was pretty good. Most boys do better with a little restraint, you know.  I decided to trust this guy and got on without lunging, (which I said I wouldn't do). Shame on me. I just had a feeling (plus Michelle told me they rode him thru at auction). Phew.

I jumped on and he did pretty well about standing still for me to get on. Once mounted, we went for a ride around the barn and know,  a little wine and dine, scenery. (PS- You might see a peek of me on the video of Tyler getting Beans from Michelle.)

He was definitely looking for the bit (we tried him in just a rope halter, I ease my men into hardware) He was a little strong on the head when he wanted to do something other than what I wanted (silly boys), but was easily corrected and moved on.

He did very awesome picking up his gait. Did get a little cautious next to Robyn's place could of been shadows or just a new place or her 307 dogs. It was very mild.

I think with a few more rides, we will see exactly who he is and will be easily adopted out.  I didn't push him too hard cause it was a busy day at the ranch when we where riding. Gotta leave em wanting more, ya know?   The huge tour group was all around us and he was like, "meh, no big deal."

Love, love, love this guy...Plus he has a great tail. You know us gays and a great tail ?? if I didn't have 67839450283 of my own personal horses I would highly consider taking this sexy man's man."